Why to choose only NABH accredited Dental clinic Ambala?

In the present day world of fast-changing technology, patients seek assured quality healthcare with the latest facilities. That is why the need for accreditation and certification of dental care facilities has emerged. There are many other things involved in providing high standards of care to the patients and accreditation to some board or organization ensures this. It becomes easy for the patient to opt for care set up which is certified. Jindal Dental Care is NABH accredited dental clinic in Ambala.

The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) is the prime organization and a constituent board of the Quality Council of India. It is an organization that sets benchmarks in quality standards for better healthcare. The board certifies dental clinics and has made certain standards for dental clinics which are to be followed by the same. Ultimately the patients are the ones who are benefited the most.

Following are the various advantages of consulting a NABH certified dental clinic:

  • NABH policies help the dental staff and doctors to perform the procedures in a more systematic way. It provides different set formats for patient examination and protocols for treatment procedures.
  • The safety of patients in dental care set up is high up on the priority list. Proper emergency medicine kits, oxygen cylinders, and cardiac kits (CPR) for emergencies are readily available and are checked periodically in case of an untoward emergency. Special care kits, necessary medicines and nebulization kits for asthmatics are stocked. Special arrangements like wheelchairs and stretchers for ambulation in and out of the clinic for physically challenged patients are also made.
  • Patients are made aware of all possible treatment options taking into consideration quality as well as cost-effectiveness.
  • Patients are well informed about their rights and explained in detail about all the treatment procedures and alternative options along with the choice of anesthesia, in case any surgery is required.
  • All Dental procedures are performed with full stringency taking into account all measures to control any kind of cross infections.
  • Proper management and maintenance of all dental equipment is done timely, all X-Ray machines are maintained well to give off low radiation exposure to the patients. Dental equipment maintenance and upkeep of facilities is utmost. Sterilization of all equipment and instruments is ensured and logged properly.
  • Since the commitment to quality is prime, all efforts are made for continuous quality improvement so that patients are benefited more.
  • All information and reports are recorded properly to avoid any misinterpretations. The staff is regularly trained with respect to infection control and safety measures.

NABH accreditation adds a lot of value to a dental clinic and gives assurance to patients while opting for a dental care center. NABH not only encompasses quality care to the patients but it also ensures the safety of the patient as well as the clinic staff taking care of all medico-legal issues and necessary licenses also.
Why choose Jindal Dental care
Jindal Dental care is a NABH accredited specialty dental clinic in Ambala city, Haryana. At Jindal dental clinic, we intend to provide quality dental care at an affordable cost. We promise the state of the art dental facilities with the latest dental equipment for all kinds of dental procedures. We practice laser dentistry and dental implants with advanced CT scan facility for diagnosis.
We are equipped with digital radiovisiography with digital orthopantomography for instant x-ray images enhanced with software for better diagnosis and treatment planning.
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