Dental & Facial Injuries

Injuries of face, teeth, and jaws

The doctors often see patients with Maxillofacial injuries in emergency trauma care setups.

It is common to have a Fracture of the facial skeleton after assaults, road traffic accidents, falls, and other injuries.

What kind of dental emergency can happen?

Various dental emergencies can happen during eating playing or exercising or during practicing in otherwise harmless activities. Its important to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

These injuries can range from minor chipping /breakage of the edge of the tooth, fractured tooth, complete loss of the tooth, lacerations, and cuts in mouth /lips to severe injuries of jaws like fracture of jaws.

What should I do if my tooth gets knocked out suddenly?

It happens many times that our upper front tooth may get knocked out when we are playing or walking, and some objects suddenly hits us.

The first thing to do in such a situation is to pick up the tooth and avoid scrubbing the tooth. We should keep the tooth wet by putting it in some saline water or milk. Immediately visit your dentist. If the patient approaches the dentist with his broken tooth within half an hour, then the dentist can successfully replant the broken tooth.

How do you handle a chipped or fractured tooth teeth?

Immediately after an injury, one should use warm water, rinse the mouth, and use an ice pack to reduce the swelling and visit the dentist.

Teeth can sustain injuries ranging from minor chipping to major segment breakage and even root fractures. Depending on the situation, the fragment can be fixed back to the tooth with some bonding agents.

Alternatively, the broken tooth can be rebuilt in the original shape with the help of building materials like composites in the same visit.

If the injury is too severe and involves the nerve or pulp, root canal treatment is advised followed by crowns or composite build up.

What are the major facial and dental injuries?

Facial injuries usually happen in polytrauma patients. We provide all treatments for emergency management of maxillofacial trauma, including minor injuries to teeth as well as significant injuries of jaws. Jaws can get fractured along with soft tissue injuries of lip, cheek, and nose.

We are well equipped with all diagnostic facilities like giant x rays, blood tests, individual dental x rays like OPG, and CT scans for the face. Indoor admission facility is also available in our center,

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Dr Rukman Jindal is an experienced oral & maxillofacial surgeon and a certified implantologist. she has a vast experience of over 18 years in various fields of dentistry.