Burning mouth Syndrome & disease – causes and treatment

BurningMouthSyndromeDo you feel an unbearable  pricking burning sensation inside your mouth, on cheeks, lips or tongue? If yes, THEN  you might be suffering from burning mouth syndrome(BMS).

Burning mouth syndrome involves typically a burning sensation which may be scalding or pricking type of feeling inside the mouth. It might involve lips, tongue, cheek surfaces  or below the tongue.

” There is burning all over my mouth, I cant take hot spicy food at all, I have severe discomfort all over my mouth and I feel there are ulcers all over my mouth.” quoting a typical  description of the problem experienced by the patient.

Some patients experience burning mouth all throughout the day or some would experience it periodically. Patient faces severe problem in eating food. It is more common in women than men and more above 60 years of age.


There are two types of BMS( burning mouth syndrome)

1.Primary -exact cause is not known and there is some damage to the primary nerves of the areas inside mouth.

2. Secondary- Burning mouth syndrome occurs due to certain underlying causes in the body. Exact cause of Burning mouth disease  is very hard to diagnose. Following  are multiple factors which contribute like

  1. Medications like antihypertensives often produce dryness of mouth leading to pricking sensations
  2. menopausal women, due to hormonal changes also might have these symptoms.
  3. Anxiety or depression is a major cause of burning mouth.
  4. Ill fitting dentures in mouth or some kind of allergic reaction due to denture material
  5. Oral candidiasis or thrush
  6.  Vitamin deficiencies
  7. Stress is also very common among people of variable age groups.


It is very difficult to pin point the exact cause and that is why treatment involves a variable options:

  1. Anti anxiety or anti depressants to reduce the anxiety.
  2. Hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women helps treating these symptoms of burning mouth.
  3. Capsaicin, a pain releiver which is derived from peppers can also help to certain extent.
  4. Vitamin supplement therapy
  5. Mouth rinses containing pain killer anaesthetic like lidocaine help in alleviating the pain

Home remedies for burning mouth

Home Remedies

Drink plenty of water and have healthy nutritious diet.

Avoid spicy foods and tobacco.

Suck on crushed  ice.

Reduce stress  by meditation and yoga to reduce anxiety.

Burning mouth syndrome is a painful and annoying condition which may last for years. The patients suffer for long periods of time without finding definitive treatment. Patients with prolonged and nagging dis comfort  might hamper the daily activities of the patient.

Hence this condition has to be treated after taking into consideration , all the factors related to the systemic conditions of the patient.

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