Why be scared of dental implants?

Why be scared of dental implants?imp 1

Modern dentistry has grown by leaps and bounds. Dental implants are probably the topmost researched field in dentistry in present times, yet many people are scared of getting implants done in their mouth.  A lot of patients who are suffering from chewing difficulties and aesthetic concerns, don’t wish to undergo implant treatments. The reasons behind this are a lot of misconceptions and fears associated with dental implants like pain, infection or fear of drilling screws into jaws.

In many patients with no posterior or back teeth in the jaw, fixed teeth can only be done with the help of dental implants and such patients suffer a lot due to multiple reasons of false knowledge, undue fears and wrong communications. Or some would opt for aggressive crowns and bridges just out of some strange fear of drilling into the jaws. Some would be scared of getting the dental implants done due to their multiple medical problems like hypertension, diabetes or arthritis and are have a false belief that they cant undergo implant surgery due to their medical problems.

Here, I m trying to put some  solutions of doubts in patient’s minds relating  to  dental implant treatments for fixed teeth replacement :

How difficult or complicated implant surgery is?download 1 1

Implant surgery is always a planned surgery which is executed after proper examination and x- rays. Sometimes CT scan of jaws is also required for detailed planning. Surgery is planned with a lot of precision and technical details considering patients medical health issues also. If there is some medical ailment patient is suffering with, all medical tests required are done before the procedure. So, if any problems are expected later, we know in advance and the same can be communicated to the patients also. If special bone grafting procedures are required, can be planned beforehand.

Will I experience pain during the implant placement?local

Implant surgery is done under a mild dose of local anaesthetic and is painless while insertion.
Anaesthesia is quite similar to that of tooth extraction. If required, mild sedation can be given in selected anxious patients.

Will it be painful after the procedure?TAB

Your dentist will prescribe mild painkillers and some mild antibiotics to make you comfortable till the wound heals, predominantly in the first 3-4 days after surgery. Sometimes mild swelling in the surgical area with bruising might be there which usually recovers fast.

How is dental implant procedure performed?imp

After proper examination and radiographs, surgery is done under local anaesthesia. The dental implant procedure is done either immediately after removal of a tooth or after complete healing of extracted tooth wound. So an implant can be done immediately or after 3-6 months of extraction.

A small incision is made and through special drills, the implant is placed and tightened into the bone. The wound is closed with 2 or 3 stitches. If in some cases, bone is deficient, artificial bone substitutes or bone grafts are placed to support the implant. Sometimes, implants can be done without giving a cut or incision also and no stitches are required in such situations.

After implant placement, an impression of mouth and adjacent teeth is taken and dental crown or cap is made in the dental laboratory. Temporary crowns are made on the same day and placed over implant on the same day of surgery. This is done for front teeth where the patient requires immediate replacement. In some patients, implants are left undisturbed for 3-6 months to achieve good fixation of the implant with the bone of the patient and crown is placed after complete healing ie. after 3 -6 months of implant placement.

Is implant treatment very expensive?cost scaled 1

Last, but not the least, implant treatment is definitely more expensive than other conventional treatments. But it is an investment which is really worth, for maintaining your overall health. To eat a good nutritional diet and to maintain a good healthy life, healthy teeth are equally important like any other part of your body.

Dental implant surgery is an extremely common procedure in current times for replacement of lost teeth. It is a  quite safe minor surgical procedure and there is nothing to be scared of. With proper planning and expertise, it is a very useful and effective treatment for the patients and helps them eat well and look confident too.

Teeth placed in the mouth of the patients with the help of dental implants look, feel and work just like natural teeth.

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