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what to do if I get my front tooth knocked out? ( Front Tooth Broken )

What to do if my front tooth gets knocked out?broken 1

You must have heard someone getting the front tooth knocked out suddenly. This surely is a shocking incident for the victim. It usually happens when a person sustains an injury on the face as a result of some roadside accident or while playing in the field or else while one is hit hard by something suddenly on the face.Slide03

Usually, upper front center teeth are affected the most. Sometimes front lower teeth can also get knocked or avulsed. These teeth have thin slender roots making it more prone to such injuries.

What to do if I get my front tooth injured?414 photo

in such a situation, severe bleeding usually occurs from the mouth.

A clean gauze or cotton or fabric should be kept on the wound and pressed between teeth so that some pressure is applied to stop the bleeding.

The second step is to find out the fallen teeth on the ground. If they are grossly soiled in dirt or soil, one needs to wash them in clean water. Don t scrub the tooth surface hard as it might disturb the surface attachments.

Keep the teeth in a container of water or milk. The aim is to keep the avulsed teeth moist till you reach the dental clinic. Keeping them moist will lead to better success. These teeth can be re-implanted back to the patient s mouth successfully if done in time. You immediately should reach the dentist after an injury.

The best chance of survival is recorded, if re-implantation is done within half an hour of avulsion or injury. The avulsed teeth are put back into the socket and fixed with various materials and fixation methods.

The patient is instructed to avoid eating from front teeth and have a soft diet regime.  Repeated x rays are taken to check the fixation of a tooth. Reimplantation is quite successful when done in the proper time frame.

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