Dental care in pregnancy

Dental health during pregnancy-Why it’s so important?37616631 stock vector pregnant woman symbol stylized vector sketch

It’s quite deep-seated in our thoughts that any dental treatment is risky or not recommended while you are pregnant. But I would say that it’s a centuries-old myth which must be crossed out totally from our minds. Our oral cavity and teeth are directly related to our overall health. So the pregnant female needs to take care of her dental hygiene and oral well being.

Pregnancy leads to a lot of hormonal changes in expecting mothers and makes the gums and teeth more prone to disease. Hence it becomes even more important not to neglect any dental issues.

What dental problems can arise in pregnancy?

In pregnancy, gums are more prone to swelling & that leads to easy bruising of gums which further leads to bleeding gums. Small blisters between the teeth may appear which may bleed on brushing or eating. a small localized swelling in gums may appear ,especially between upper front teeth.
Eating between meals more often also leads to increased dental cavities.Existing dental cavities may also worsen. Many would experience nausea and morning sickness. More acid production also contributes to weakening the enamel of the tooth, hence producing more cavities in teeth.

If some tooth is very painful, it becomes very difficult for the expaecting mother to eat and chew properly which leads to compromise in her nutrition, in turn would be detrimental to her overall health.

What  dental treatments can be done safely in pregnancy?

Regular cleaning and sanitation should be done to avoid any severe problems later during childbirth. Almost all dental procedures like filling, cleaning, and root canal treatment can be done safely without any major complications during any time of pregnancy.

Can I get my tooth pulled in pregnancy?

The second trimester is considered safest for any surgical procedure like extraction of a wisdom tooth or any carious tooth. If any tooth has a severe infection and has spread in adjacent areas, it can be extracted in the third trimester even after the consultation of the gynaecologist.

Can I take antibiotics in pregnancy?

If you have a tender and painful tooth, you can take antibiotics prescribed by the dentist which are safe in pregnancy. And you can consume the medicines after consultation with the gynaecologist.

Are dental X Rays safe in pregnant women?

Yes, dental x rays are done when considered absolutely necessary  in expecting moms. These are of shallow radiation dose & x-rays taken by the doctor after covering the tummy with a protective lead sheet.

What can I do for prevention of dental problems?

You must regularly brush & do many mouth rinses with an antibacterial mouthwash.

Avoid binging on sweets and sticky snacks too much, so that you dont get too many caries. Eat a nutritious, balanced diet.

To avoid serious problems, you should schedule a regular dental checkup.

DENTAL TREATMENT during pregnancy is absolutely safe for both the mother and child. Only more extensive procedures should be deferred. It is very important to maintain the dental and oral health of the mother to improve her general health.

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