Can I take dental treatment in COVID times?

Can I take dental treatment during the present COVID time?

COVID & Dental Treatment  !!!!!!

We are all tired of watching and reading news about COVID -19. Every mind is saturated by “what to do in COVID” tips floating everywhere. Though major decisions like quarantine and the nationwide lockdown have taken to stop the spread of the deadly virus, I still feel many questions and apprehensions are prevailing in the minds of people regarding dental treatment in the present situation.

Our oral and dental health is essential for the overall well being. Here are some carry home probable answers to some queries regarding dental problems and their treatments.

Dental treatment procedures usually involve drilling or cutting into the tooth, which produces a lot of aerosols that contain a mixture of air and water mixed with the patient’s secretions. If the patient is infected, the flows might include the virus.

This aerosol comes as a splash on the doctor and the staff, which makes these procedures risky.

Can I go to the dentist during COVID times?

If you have some severe dental problems, you should consult the dentist. You can make a call and take a virtual consultation, and if the medicines haven’t resolved the issue, & if it is a dental emergency, you can visit the dentist too and get the treatment.

Will there be any change in dental visits now due to the COVID virus attack?

Dental clinics have undergone a lot of workflows related as well as physical changes to decrease the spread of any kind of disease, ensuring the safety of both doctors and the patients.

  • Treatment and consultations would be appointment based so that there is no prolonged waiting period, and waiting areas in the clinic do not get crowded.
  • In between patient time would increase, so that all the operatory is stringently sanitized and sterilized well.
  • The minimal or no-touch policy would be implemented, and a minimum number of persons should accompany the patient to the dental clinics and hospitals.
  • Patients would be asked about their history of contact spread, and screening for any kind of viral infection would be done.
  • The doctor would be using barriers and personal protective equipment to avoid any kind of transmission of infections, both for the patient as well as for the clinic staff.

What problems are considered emergency dental problems?
Some examples of dental problems considered as an emergency could be:

  • Breaking of the tooth or knocking out tooth due to some injury or fall.
  • Severe pain or abscess is leading to swelling on the face.
  • If Some orthodontic wire or clasp breakage.
  • If painful mouth ulcers, etc.

You can visit the dentist after taking an appointment.

In what conditions, I should avoid going to a dentist?

If you are severely immunocompromised or are suffering from some major illnesses involving lungs or kidneys and you are a senior citizen with chronic ailments, you should probably wait for elective dental treatment till the viral spread decreases. You can definitely consult your dentist regarding the problem of doing the needful.

What precautions can I take at home to prevent any dental problems and infections?

To maintain a healthy mouth and to avoid any untoward complication, one should meticulously preserve their oral health by brushing at least twice a day. Mouth rinses should be used, and the tongue should be kept clean.

In case of any respiratory infection, there is usually drying of the mouth, hence keep your body hydrated with a lot of water.

Do not miss out on any opportunity of washing your hands.


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